Nine colours to worship Goddess Durga on nine days

DAY 1 :White colour is synonymous with purity and innocence. Experience a feeling of inner peace and security by wearing white.

Day 2: Wear red colour on 2nd day that symbolises passion and love, also is the most preferred colour of Chunri

Day 3 : Royal blue and sky blue is worn on day 3 to get Devi blessings for viva, healthy and happy.

Day 4: Worship durga by wearing white, cream or yellow clothes is fruitful as they symbolise warmth and optimism

Day 5: Wear green  to get her blessings with the attainment of health and knowledge.

Day 6: Wear grey colour on 6th day to represents balanced emotions that keeps the person down-to-earth.

Day 7: Wear orange that is a colour of positive energy and keeps the person energised and upbeat.

Day 8 : Wear Shades of blue and green colour is peacock green that exudes the qualities of both these colours such as compassion and freshness.

Day 9 : Wear pink as pink colour and symbolizes universal love, harmony and affection