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Make apple juice like this, you will forget the market juice. Apple Juice Recipe in Hindi

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Can market-like apple juice (Apple juice recipe in Hindi) be made at home and that too without any hassle?Apple juice also has the same taste and easy recipe.

You will read the method of making apple juice and the benefits of drinking it in this blog post.

Apple juice is a special recipe which is very tasty and nutritious. The purity of apple juice made at home is guaranteed. It is very healthy for children.


Ingredients for making apple juice at home

  • Apple– 2 kg (fresh and red)
  • Salt – as per taste

Juicer will also be used

How to make apple juice in hindi

Wash fresh apples thoroughly with water.


Either keep the washedapplesto dry or clean them with a cloth. You can also use washed apples directly.


Cut the apple into four parts and then take out the seeds from it.
In this way, cut all the apples into small pieces.


Put these chopped apples in a juicer and then extract the juice.


You can also add some water to it if you like thinner juice. Well it will be thick without adding water.


You can also add black salt in it.
Delicious and health beneficial apple juice is ready.


Nutritional information of Apple Juice

In this article you will read aboutthe nutrients present in apple and also know its benefits.

Tips for making Apple juice recipe

    • Choose apples carefully.The amount of juice produced depends greatly on the quality or breed of the apple.
    • You can use water to dilute apple juice.
    • You can also use cardamom powder to enhance its taste.

    Apple juice recipe video in hindi

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