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Prepare Jaggery Tea – Gud Ki Chai by this secret trick

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Jaggery is very beneficial for health. Especially during winters,jaggery teaenhances both taste and health.

Like jaggery,jaggerytea is also very beneficial for health. Adding jaggery in tea instead of sugar removes many problems of the body and improveshealth .

Potassium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, fiberand iron are available in abundance in jaggery tea . Drinking jaggery tea not only strengthens immunity but also keeps the digestive system healthy.

If you add jaggery instead of sugar in tea, it will keep your weight under control and your health will remain intact.

jaggery tea

Benefits of Jaggery Tea

Keep healthy in winter –Jaggery can be consumed in any form, especially consuming jaggery tea helps in maintaining warmth in the body. Due to which the risk of seasonaldiseasesis reduced.
Jaggery tea can also be consumed in case of cold, fever etc. which helps in maintaining good health. Due to the warming nature of jaggery, this tea gives strength to the body to fight seasonal diseases.

Drinking jaggery tea helps in getting rid of anemia
Jaggery contains plenty of iron, which helps a lot in removing the problem of anemia.
Drinking jaggery tea daily removes blood deficiency in the body to a great extent.
This makes you feel fresh and haemoglobin level remains good.

Helpful in curing migraine –
Drinking jaggery tea is very helpful in relieving the problem of migraine. If you are facing headache problem, then include jaggery tea in your daily diet.
Drinking this will provide relief from headache and along with curing migraine, this jaggery tea also refreshes the mood.

Digestive system remains very healthy –
Jaggery tea helps to a great extent in keepingthe digestive system healthy.
If you are struggling with stomach related problems like gas, acidity and constipation, then jaggeryteacan be beneficial for you.
Apart from this, jaggery tea is also very helpful in digesting food and reducing heartburn.

Jaggery tea is also helpful in reducing weight –
Drinking jaggery tea helps in reducing weight. According to the facts,sugartea increases fat in the body.
If you want to lose weight then jaggery tea is a good option. Drinking jaggery tea regularly keeps belly fat under control.

Recipe of Gud Ki Chai

  • To make jaggery tea, boil one and a half cup of water in a pan.
  • When the water boils well, grind twocardamoms, ginger and fennel well and put them in the boiled water.
  • Add a piece of jaggery and let it melt properly.
  • Now put one spoon tea leaves in this water.
  • Do not add milk until the jaggery melts well.
  • After the jaggery melts, add one cup of boiled milk in it.Be careful not to pour cold milk, always boil it.
  • Keep stirring the tea and turn it down when it starts boiling.
  • Now filter the jaggery tea through a sieve and consume hot jaggery tea.

Tips for Jaggery Tea Recipe

  • Keep in mind that to make jaggery tea, never add coldmilkto the tea . To make tea, addthe milkonly after heating it.
  • You can add more or less jaggery as per your liking as per yoursweetpreference.
  • If you like to drink tea with less tea leaves, then add tea leaves accordingly.

Disclaimer: This advice is for general information only.It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion.
Always consult an expert or your doctor for more information.

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