You are currently viewing Spicy guava chutney so delicious that you will forget any other taste Guava Chutney

Spicy guava chutney so delicious that you will forget any other taste Guava Chutney

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Hello friends, today we will tell you how to make immunity booster chutney which isGuava chutney. Immunity booster because it contains guava along with lemon juice which is rich in Vitamin C.

You must have eatenguava chutney recipebefore, but try making it this way just once, you will forget all other tastes.

Everyone knows that guava is eaten as a fruit and it is a very beneficial fruit.
Apart from this, guavacurryandchutneyare also made.

Guava is full of Vitamin C and if it is eaten regularly after meals, then the complaint of constipation goes away.

Apart from this, guava also has the ability to eliminate many diseases occurring in the body because it has immunity.

Guava is verynutrient small in the form offruitand is special for diabetic patients. Know more information about it, how it is a treasure ofnutrients .

Why is it necessary to eat guava whole

A lot of knowledge is hidden in the advice of elders. Elders say that a man should eat only oneguava whole.And if you cut guava and eat one or two parts, then there is a possibility of pain in the stomach. This can also be implemented.

The reason for this is that it is believed that there are many seeds in a guava and there is a seed in it which digests the whole guava after going into the stomach.

Eliminates mouth ulcers.

Beneficialin malaria.

Removes stomach upset.

guaua benefits
Amrood ki chutney recipe

Ingredients for Guava Chutney Recipe

    • Guava: Two (300 grams)
    • green coriander leaves
    • Ginger: 1 piece
    • Green chilies: three
    • Lemon: one
    • Spices
    • Coriander Powder: Half teaspoon
    • Black pepper powder: half teaspoon
    • Cumin Powder: Half teaspoon
    • Art salt: half teaspoon
    • White salt: half teaspoon
    ingredients for guava chutney

    Guava Chutney recipe in hindi or How to make guava chutney?

    guava chutney preparation
    Guava chutney preparation
    cutting guava from both sides

    First of all, take two green guavas. Wash them well.
    Then cut both the guavas slightly from front to back and cut them into small pieces.

    seperate seeds from guava

    Take out the seeds from the cut piece of guava

    cut guava into pieces

    After removing the seeds from guava, cut them into small pieces.

    ingredients for guava chutney
    add guava into grinder jar

    Put the chopped guava pieces in the mixer jar.

    add corriander leaves into guava

    Now put green coriander leaves in it whose stalks you have taken out.

    add ginger into guava

    Now cut ginger into small pieces and add
    two to three green chilies after cutting them into small pieces.

    amrood chutney
    add spices for guava chutney

    Now cut ginger into small pieces and add
    two to three green chilies after cutting them into small pieces.

    add lemon juice into guava chutney

    After this, add the squeezed juice of one lemon and then add two glasses of water and grind it.

    You will see that the coarsely ground chutney looks very tasty,
    wonderful aroma is coming from this guava chutney.

    If you want to keep it less thick, then add some water to it, its texture will be uniform.
    Apart from roti, paratha, you can also eat this chutney with pakoras.

    Tips for Guava chutney recipe

    The green guavas will enhance the taste of the chutney which is easily available in winters.

    You can use salt as per taste.You can also use any one type of salt, there is no need to do both.As you like

    You can use a little bad or sugar powder to make it sour sweet.

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    Feed this delicious and healthy guava chutney to everyone and take utmost care of the health of your near and dear ones.

    So friends, I hope you must have likedGuava Chutney .You must share with your friends and relatives and tell us by commenting below and in which subject you want the next topic. Well we will write a post on that topic.

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